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Somewhere in the unknown depths of space, the remains of the former power, curiosity and belief of a great civilization has sunk into the centuries. The "celestial gateways" have been lost. What is it, simply fantasy, a beautiful legend, or echoes of a mighty wisdom?

CELESTIAL GATEWAYS (24" x 36") $550
An insatiable fire burns in the indigo ocean, emitting waves, heat, and light in the unfamiliar sky, and only the stars can glance at a fragment of the Miracle, at a door behind which the hot sun scorches the desert and a wise Sphynx waits for someone … Maybe, someday it will divulge the secret of the Star gates???
THE ISLAND OF WISHES (24" x 36") $1500
The splinter of a planet, an island of desires and hopes flies through time and the dust of space. Crystal streams, bending around trees, break in a chasm and their drops of water give rise to stars. It tempts a final miracle from magnificent distant worlds - a portal to the stars.
MIRAGE (24" x 36") $600
A sleepy wind has settled on a deserted planet in eternal sunset. The Time of the Mirages has begun, spinning a legend about the celestial gateways... Above the horizon, a wondrous planet has appeared, and in shadowy spheres, pictures of an improbable life have been born. A memory of the past? Or a memory of the travels of a forgotten civilization? A premonition or the story of a great migration? Only the wind knows the answer. But it is silent...
THE KEEPER (24" x 36") $600
The eternal Keeper of the gateway stands at his post. His vision is piercing and precise, guarding one of the last pieces of evidence of the Legend. But in the depth of his eyes is the trace of a mad dream. Once he has executed his duty to the end, he will shake off the dust of centuries. And then, light from happiness, he will approach the gateway, step over the threshold of the portal, and...
THE MIRROR OF THE WORLD (24" x 36") $500
Once a year a thin beam of sunlight peers into a deep cave, forcing the stone to light up in flickering colors. But having floated across the walls, it touches an ancient stone and opens the Mirror of the world - a forgotten portal of the star gates, from which other's stars and unknown worlds look.

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