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MOMENTO VITAE (30" x 40") $1250
Sharp-sighted, the ancient reptile watches over his domain. Silent and confident in his empire, he is is mighty and fearless. Ahead lies a whole eternity... But there, far away, behind the dome of the sky in the chilling gloom of space, an asteroid has already broken from orbit and begun on its infernal path to the earth. And in the deep holes, the new future king of the beasts arises... So begins the way to the end. But for now, memento vitae, remember life
MOMENTO MORTIS (24" x 36") $1600
A nuclear explosion breaks the sky apart, dividing the universe between "before" and "after". The rain cries in bloody tears and already it is hardly audible as the Earth whispers: "Memento mortis - remember death". And the path to the end comes to an end

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