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THE BATTLE (30" x 40") $1500
Hiding places of the human soul... Fury and fear, wisdom and grief, pain and hopelessness... The indifference of memory's guards as they simply watch while the walls to the dream world come tumbling down. And with a nuclear flame, hope extinguishes this horror. The battle with one's self is always the most intense and difficult.
NIGHT OF THE FULL MOON (30" x 40") $700
A deserted castle sleeps with a disturbing dream... But the full moon looks in the windows, candles and torches flash by themselves, and a demonic fire lights stained-glass windows and the eyes of werewolves in a picture. Wine flows, and the hall fades in expectation... And here from a dark corridor there is an light and transparent phantomess...
FATAMORGANA (24" x 36") $400
From deep space, the wandering spaceship "Fatamorgana" returns home. Its sails have ridden the solar wind but were torn apart by a celestial storm. Their warm and inviting native land calls to them. What miracles do they bring to their native Earth? Also what home will they see after long years of separation?
CONTACT? ( 24" x 36") $500
With its last bit of strength, the spacecraft struggles with an unexpected accident. It falls on someone else's planet, a world foreign to them. The generator stopped, and the ship was enveloped in impenetrable darkness and silence which their final crumbs of energy try to break through. How they need help! Is this planet really uninhabited?! But here in the darkness there are elegant silhouettes. Someone hastens them to proceed! But why does bloody fire burn in these beings' eyes?.. And everything is being tightly clamped by jaws ringed with fangs...
LAST CAMPAIGN (18" x 24") $200
He has won... He is the great soldier who leaves his last campaign with dignity... Its gods already wait for him, having opened the gold gate to Valhalla. And a strange animal observes from heavens as his sworn enemy dies.
THE MASTER OF ILLUSIONS (32" x 32") $375
In the deserted lock there lives the Master of Illusions, stringing his fantasies on with threads of existence. Look in his eyes and you will see amazing pictures …. A fire in the sky causes fire on the ground. Day is bound with night and they no longer understand where the reality ends and illusion begins. And where is the Master? And why does the black cat glare so derisively???
BEYOND THE OUTER LIMITS (30" x 40") $350
Space without the sun and stars, without air and water … Two colors - the dark-lilac arch of the sky is drawn by curves and the grey rocks lost in the distance … And at top of a plateau stands the lock, as if transferred from the other world by someone's folly. Dark and unfriendly are its windows. Who has hidden here and for whom does he wait in this uncomfortable world?
In cocoons of light, the master's dogs - Domini canes - descend, and time turns back. The phantoms of the Great Inquisitors await their victims
COMPREHENSION (30" x 40") $1500
When the Sun will set, ancient forces of the Earth will awaken Reason. A new man will stretch his hands to the sky, having understood the dormant power and new stars will come to life. And the spirit of the cosmos will recognize its equal.
ONCE UPON A TIME ON A MONDAY (24" x 30") $400
A parrot which hunts a clam who has gobbled up the scientist who studied the palm trees growing at bottom of snow mountains which surround a valley which once upon a time on a Monday had gone mad...
BEST FACE FORWARD (20" x 24") $250
Life is theatre. Every minute we play a role, hiding true feelings and emotions behind masks. But sometimes we remove the masks. Then there comes a time to choose a face. And the face becomes the mask
AT THE THRESHOLD (24" x 20") $150
And a nightmare is born anew from the shadows. A tunnel leading to light and a flight through the darkness. But why does no light meets us, but rather and a flame... and a door leading into nothing.

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