The Artwork of Yelena Schantz

The venerable pyramids still stand, while time weaves the pattern of eternity. Lean against ancient stones, pass the road of priests, and there at top you will see the Stars. Once they were closer
LEGENDS OF STONEHENGE (30" x 40") $600
The moon, a steel mass, hangs above the table-stone and a curtain of stars covers the Earth. In ringing silence, Portal of Stonehenge opens, and last druid departs into uncertainty.
BUDDHA'S DREAM (24" x 36") $230
The Buddha, son of an ancient race, sleeps lightly. What does he see in his dreams evoked over the ages? He waits to be awoken, but not for battles. He waits, until Dawn will come and a new people will take the fragile sphere of the Earth in their hands, having sheilded it from troubles.
THE ECLIPSE (24" x 36") $1300
The Egyptian priests have left many riddles And maybe somewhere in the sands of the Egyptian deserts, the magical machinery sometimes still works by itself, the torches light up, the ceilings in the ancient temple of science open up, and the sands of the hourglass start to count the seconds of a new eclipse...
THE WAY TO ATLANTIS (24" x 36") $450
A nightmare has bound the tired crew in the pre-dawn hours. Their way to the legendary coast was long and difficult. Storms and winds have torn the sails. But the secret coast is hidden by a dense fog, and the ship is floating away, and the secret remains eternal
The ground shivers from explosions, the fiery lava will run in rivers from top of a volcano and sneak up on the walls of the magic castle. Fiery flashes dance on domes and metal melts from the heat of the angry Earth. Will the fairy tale about the thousand nights end on the thousand and first?
DENALI (THE HOUSE OF THE SUN) (18" x 24") $250
In flashes of lightning in the northern sky, the Mysterious Raven has come to throw his harpoon into the crest of a wave. So has arisen the Great Denali - the House of the Sun.
THE FORGOTTEN CITY (16" x 20") $200
The beam of the sun, having passed through the depths of the ocean, has touched bottom. It has illuminated the city. But the cobblestone streets are deserted, the windows of all the homes are dark, and the silence is unbroken by voices. Occasionally a curious dolphin will glance under the arches, and sharks, hidden by walls, await their prey. The city sleeps, having become lost in time and space.

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