The Artwork of Yelena Schantz

SACRED KAILASH (32" x 32") $1700
Tibet stores its riddles through the centuries, hiding the memories of distant eras in its forbidding depths. A cradle of life and the center of the Earth. Proudly the sacred mountain Kailas, the man-made pyramid constructed by their ancestors rises in the center of Tibet. Sometimes, at sunset when the air is especially clear, it is possible to see the light surrounding Kailas. This light, starting within the depths of the mountain is the light of the City of the Gods, a forgotten Shambhala. Gods strictly protect their last shelter and the heritage of the great forgotten civilizations. Even today, no mortal can approach Kailas.
DAWN (30" x 36") $1600
Donnn... donnn... donnn... The spectral sound of bells fills the plain which has been wrapped up by a white blanket, and the sun ascends, pink light spilling out on the sparkling snow. For a fleeting instant in the clouds, there is a temple shining with gold domes, inviting all to the light and rebirth...
NOSTALGIA (24" x 36") $350
The huge Moon has lit up a stone of the leader, and the old wolf has begun his lingering song. In his melancholy howl for dead comrades, grief for a lost girlfriend, the story about bloody battles and singing of a wind while on a chase. But still a last request - to take him away into the boundless open spaces where he will be young again and he can meet his friends and loved ones. The Moon -- the place where wolves' souls and desires live. And in the distance on a high rock stands an old castle, the mute witness to his songs. But what is in his whispers to the wind and what does he ask the Moon?
WITNESSES OF ETERNITY (24" x 36") $370
The mountains and waters have quieted in these last minutes... the sun swells in a crimson sphere before last its flash. But the witnesses of the rise and fall of civilizations stand without passion before the face of the apocalypse - huge and immortal Moai - witnesses of eternity
LUNAR PASS (18" x 24") $150
Snow tops are lost in the distance. The night silence blankets the pass. And only two passionate hearts beat in unison in the bottomless desert of loneliness and cold.
AURORA BOREALIS ( 24" x 36") $1200
The northern wind has settled down on the ice, and blizzards hover above the clefts.Clouds have dissolved in the frosty air and stars shine in the black sky. And quickly, the Polar lights will begin its magical performance - the enchanting symphony of cold fires. A madly beautiful folly of the nature? Or the encrypted message of distant civilizations?
THE ROAD TO SHAMBHALA (24" x 36") $230
Shambhala. Legendary and mysterious. City of Gods and storehouse of Knowledge. Someday we shall find it, but the impenetrable people of a Shambhala will stay invisible to us. They will read our ideas, accompany and direct us, but will never come into contact with us, because they are the Best of the Best, and we are only aspiring to Enlightenment But it will be later, for now before us is only a road. The road to Shambhala.
THE SAFARI (24" x 36") $420
The bloody sun was beginning to set. The parching wind has ceased. And a hunt has begun - a wild safari, where the stakes are life itself. Who will win today in this fight?
When the sun sits down in ocean waters, the rainbow spills with his paints into the sky, and the first steps of the symphony sound. Symphonies of light and a decline.
BETWEEN TWO FIRES (24" x 36") $370
An envoy of distant stars, the comet tears the black sky, having opened his tail like a peacock. And below from the depths of the Earth, a volcanic flame shoots upwards. The two fires meet, heavenly and terrestrial, competing in bright, but brief beauty.
MORNING (24" x 24") $400
Woken by the dawn, dark blue shadows melt into the ravines. The first beams of a rising sun have touched the trees, having shrouded their branches in a pink veil. Soon the snow will sparkle like diamonds, and the impudent noise of the wind will break the silence. The icy winter morning will explode into a myriad of color and sound.
NIGHT HUNT (16" x 20") $250
Day has been put to rest, and Night has taken over. The silver light of the moon has broken through the darkness of the forest and has illuminated the hidden predator. The tip of the graceful animal's tail begins quivering with excitement... The night hunt begins!
FIRST STAR (16" x 20") $300
The sun rolls down for horizon, and twilight descends on the earth. For a few final minutes, the sunset burns, trying to stave off darkness. But the first star is lit, day fades away, and night comes into its own.
FLIGHT (18" x 18") $300
The sky blackens and clouds roll. All has stopped in its tracks before this thunderstorm And only a seagull continues his obstinate flight, trying to be pulled out from the gloom - higher and higher, towards the light and the sun.
BLOOD. REGENERATED (16" x 20") $150
The fields of the battles, which have imbibed on blood of the soldiers, sleep. The land tries to forget about these terrible days, but scarlet poppies reach for the sun. Blood, regenerated into life...

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