The Artwork of Yelena Schantz

THE WAY TO THE STARS (24" x 36") $100
The last seconds before take-off the ship will tear open the sky and soar upwards, bearing our hopes and dreams. And even if its trip is short and fast today, it dreams of the stars which will someday open its arms in embrace and will reveal the Great Secret of deep space.
NEBULA "ORCHID" (24" x 30") $350
Space. Distant and mysterious, it beckons us into its open spaces. There, new suns are born and stars die. There, fantastic flowers of boundless nebulas unfurl their petals and unknown planets flicker with diamonds. There, life arises and the laws of the universe fall. There, the secret of the past is stored and the future begins.
THE RING OF TIME (30" X 40") $700
There, where there is light and a shadow, fire and ice, ground and sky, lays, leaning upon the rocks, the ring of time - The source of power and order, the keeper of space and the guardian against chaos. And obeying it, the stars and planets rotate, and the past recedes before the future.
ARTAR (22" X 30") $100
In far space, a gloomy planet is floating, deserted and unfriendly. In the depth of its rocks, fatal forces are raging. Unknown beings have left evidence of their appearance here, and unknown mechanisms catch the energy of space through the centuries, and on its stony plains there is strange life.
TERRA (24" X 30") $100
Terra Maybe here are the sources of the civilizations of the Earth. Now it is a forgotten preserve, storing their histories. A crossroads where there were meetings between the west and the east, north and the south, the past and the present, the truth and the invented.
SNOWY SILENCE (18" X 24") $250
Far stars shine on this cold world, not known to any hot sun. The dim snow covers its plains. The life has been frozen in an icy dream. But frail unearthly fur-trees make their way from the frozen ground, bundling up in fluffy fur coats, and are pulled to the light of indifferent stars, winning a lifeless gloom.
AT THE EDGE OF LIGHT ( 22" X 24") $150
Everyone greets a new world in their own way. The child who has opened eyes, or the puppy who for the first time walks into daylight. And somewhere far away, a small fluffy animal, like a baby tiger, reaches the edge of light after a long wander, and his eyes open and his muzzle quivers from a unexpected picture!
GOLDEN CITY ( 20" X 16") $300
Two suns hang on an orange horizon. The dark water is as still as a mirror. The silence has covered the hills in a dense blanket . And only the old city shines with gold on a background of the coming sun, storing secret about its founders, who have since slipped away into nothingness
In a glade in an enchanted forest stands a peasant's small hut. An eerie glow lights its windows, and three moon ascend to the top of the sky. This home waits too long for its tired traveller...
PLANET OF PHANTOMS (20" x 20") $100
The old sun of a tired planet is immersed in darkness... its last beams shine on the sandy hills. A sleeping monster opens his eyes and awakens to the life of phantoms.

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