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Yelena Schantz was born in Stavropol, Russia. Since 2001, I have lived in the United States, where I have been fulfilling a life-long dream of being an artist and putting to canvas the fantastic pictures and plots arising in my dreams and imaginations. A big fan of science fiction, my pictures create worlds filled with imagination and a thirst for the unexplored. Not having special art formation, I operate intuitively, creating the bridge between an artistic image and inner meaning.

I work in surrealistic scenes, representing myths and legends, sometimes traditional and sometimes of my own design, asking questions for which the viewer must try to find the answers. My canvas is a picture of other realities, as I lives their life and preserves their mysterious histories. Basically, an innuendo, a hint, a desire draw others into the search for one's own solutions.

I experiments in the artistic expression of emotions (a hope for rebirth in "Dawn", the personification of various emotions in the allegorical "Battle", melancholy and loneliness in "Nostalgia", etc.). My pictures are grouped together in cycles.

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