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Artwork of Yelena Schantz

Hello! Thank you for visiting my website. Here, my paintings can be found (done in oil paint on canvas), grouped in cycles.

I work in surrealistic scenes, representing myths and legends, sometimes traditional and sometimes of my own design, asking questions for which the viewer must try to find the answers. My canvas is a picture of other realities, as I lives their life and preserves their mysterious histories


  • The cycle Celestial Gateways is devoted to a legend about gates to other worlds. A creative attempt in one picture to connect two different plots.
  • Cycle Magra is devoted to an uninhabited planet running on an orbit of a red huge star in deep space.
  • The diptych From the Cradle to the Grave represents the beginning and the possible end of a civilization.
  • The cycle Beyond the edge of reality - a mixture of a fantasy, mysticism, philosophy and allegories.
  • The cycle Legends and myths - illustrations from my imaginations on the theme of myths and legends.
  • The cycle Mysteries of the Earth opens mysterious sides of the nature, and their communication with humanity.
  • The cycle Other worlds tells about another's worlds, living the life in a distant "Orchid" nebula.

A Short Biography of Yelena Schantz.

A Complete List of paintings is available, if you don't know where to find a particular picture.

Many of my paintings can now be purchsed over the internet, in cooperation with There is a sale page featuring much of my work. A price for any picture on this site can be discussed, either for an individual painting or for an entire cycle. Paintings are oil on canvas with wood stretcher bars, sold without frames. If you want a painting which is not listed on the sale page, I would welcome your offer. Any questions about purchasing pictures, or if you wish additional information, please contact me at I hope you enjoy looking at my works, and I hope my creations can decorate your home!

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